When describing the French Terrior, the environmental conditions, especially soil and climate, in which grapes are grown and that give a wine its unique flavor and aroma, we think of the perfect confluence of the air, the soil and the majestic seas that occupy and surround France.  This combination creates the magic in every bottle of Allasea.  With hand selected grapes from the highest quality growers blended by the finest Master Sommelier palate sin the world, Allasea offers a bottle to appeal to the every day wine drinker.

About Alla Sea Wines

Allasea Rose:  Blended by renowned Master Sommelier Gisele Marguin, this AOP Certified Cote de Provence rosé is blended using the top grapes produced in the region each production year.  Ms. Marguin described our most recent vintage with the following tasting notes:

This rosé has a peach color robe.  The first nose is fresh, mineral and lively. The 2nd nose evolves with notes of pomelo and acacia with lighter hints of grapefruit, while the mouth is broad, aromatic, and luscious with clementine, lychee, mango and pomegranate aromas.  The aromatic palate is long, lively and persistent, and the finish reveals fennel flavors that are slightly delicate and iodized, long and very fresh.

It is a wine full of charm that shows Provence rose at its very best.

Allasea Pinot Noir:

Grown in the south of Limoux, on the foothills of the Pyrenees at 450 meters above sea level. At this altitude, the wine does not suffer from excessive heat allowing the grapes to ripen slowly. This slow maturation process improves the synthesis of the Pinot aromas. The grapes are picked on a soil base that allows for a late harvest at optimal maturity, conducive to the expression of aromas.  This wine has a bright red dress color with purple highlights. Its nose is expressive of notes of black clover, cherry and toast ending with vanilla and spice flavors.  Its palate is structured and well balanced, with notes of cherry and spices remaining persistent in the long finish.  Breeding in oak barrels for 12 months offers a very woody note. 

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