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Embracing the Legacy of Wine Through Every Sip

At J Street Imports, we believe that wine is much more than just a beverage. It’s a legacy, a living narrative of the land it comes from, and a delightful journey from the vineyard to your glass. Our founder, Peter Weitz, with a rich historical curiosity, envisioned a wine importing venture that’s deeply rooted in tradition, yet spirited with modernism. Today, J Street Imports stands as a bridge between the old-world charm of European vineyards and the burgeoning wine culture in the United States, especially reverberating through the historical echoes of the District of Columbia.

Embracing the Legacy of Wine Through Every Sip

The Essence of Our Selection

Our meticulous selection process is akin to crafting a story, where every wine brand we import adds a unique chapter. The wines at J Street Imports are not just chosen for their taste, but for the tales they tell, the traditions they come from, and the experiences they promise. Brands like Allasea, Saint-Cernin, Maitres Vignerons, and Vichon are not merely names, but echoes of regions where wine-making is the essence of life. Our notable offerings such as the NO.1 SAINT-CERNIN BERGERAC 2019 and the Pinot noir from the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains embody the core ethos of what we stand for – an unyielding quest for quality, authenticity, and a taste that provokes thought.

Your Portal to Europe’s Enriched Wine Traditions

With every bottle you uncork, we aim to deliver not just a delightful sip, but an immersive experience. We invite you to traverse through the lush vineyards of France, feel the essence of old-world wine-making traditions, and savor the meticulous craft that goes into every bottle. Our online store is your gateway to Europe’s enriched wine culture, offering a carefully curated selection that reflects the sophisticated palate of a discerning wine enthusiast.

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Historical Roots, Modern Approach

The narrative of J Street Imports is a fascinating blend of historical allure intertwined with modern-day wine appreciation. Our operations, while based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, echo the nuanced sophistication found in the historic heart of the U.S. – the District of Columbia. Peter’s quest for understanding “why things are the way they are?” reflects in our approach to wine importing, where history is revered, and curiosity is celebrated.

Embark on a Wine Odyssey

We invite you to explore our diverse portfolio, engage with the stories of our brands, and indulge in the sensory delight that each bottle promises. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, there’s a narrative waiting to be discovered, a history waiting to be revered, and a bottle of J Street’s finest waiting to be savored. Join us on this delightful odyssey from vine to glass, and celebrate the legacy of wine with every sip.

Embark on a Wine Odyssey

We’re ready to share our advice and experience.

Historical Essence in Every Bottle

Discover the rich historical narrative embodied in each bottle imported by J Street

A Voyage from Vine to Glass

Embark on a sensory journey from the lush vineyards of Europe to your glass

Tradition Meets Modern Palate

J Street Imports marries the old-world charm of traditional wine-making

Exclusivity with Every Sip

As the exclusive importer of esteemed brands like Saint Cernin and Wessman One

Transatlantic Wine Odyssey

Our wines are a passport to Europe’s revered wine cultures, offering a transatlantic odyssey

Passion-Driven Importing

Rooted in a profound love for European wine traditions, our importing journey is not just business

Indulge in a curated wine journey from the comfort of your home.


Explorer Kit

  • 6 x 200ml bottles of hand-selected European wines.
  • Comprehensive tasting notes for each wine
  • Comprehensive tasting notes for each wine
  • Invitation to our members-only wine community
  • Ideal for discovering new flavors and regions

Enthusiast Kit

  • 10 x 200ml bottles of premium European wines
  • Detailed tasting notes and vineyard backgrounds
  • Access to exclusive online tasting sessions
  • Priority invitation to local wine events
  • Perfect for expanding your wine palate and knowledge

Connoisseur Kit

  • 15 x 200ml bottles of exquisite European wines
  • In-depth tasting notes, vineyard backgrounds, and food pairing suggestions
  • Access to a series of exclusive online and local tasting events
  • Personalized wine recommendations based on your tasting preferences
  • Exceptional choice for a deep dive into the nuanced world of European wines

Exploring the Essence of European Elegance

J Street Imports invites you on a journey through the rich tapestry of European wine traditions, showcasing a trio of exceptional wine brands that exemplify a unique blend of tradition, terroir, and tasteful exploration. Our inaugural brand, Allasea, captures the tranquil beauty of the Mediterranean coasts. Each wine from Allasea is a symphony of bold flavors and delicate textures, an ode to the gentle sea breezes and fertile soils nurturing its vineyards.

In the verdant heart of France, the Saint-Cernin brand embodies the quintessential charm of French viticulture. Celebrating centuries-old winemaking practices alongside modern sensibilities, Saint-Cernin’s notable NO.1 SAINT-CERNIN BERGERAC 2019 is a testament to the region’s finesse and sophistication.

Beyond, Maitres Vignerons weaves a tale of collaborative artistry, representing a union of master vintners. This brand’s offerings are a voyage across Europe’s diverse vineyards, encapsulating the spirit of cooperation and the shared love for winemaking.

Together, these brands under the J Street Imports banner represent an enchanting journey into the heart of European wine culture, where each glass serves as a portal to old-world allure and contemporary refinement.
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